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Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCDROCKS Conference

Dr. Ali Arjomand

Ali Arjomand, PhD, Certified Nutritionist is the founder of Modulla Health, an IBD focused nutrition consulting practice. He obtained his PhD in Nutrition and BS in Genetics, both from the University of California, Davis

Ali is a scientist-entrepreneur with 20 years leadership expertise across the health innovation spectrum including nutrition, genomics, pharmacology and global health. 

Ali is also a Crohn’s disease patient. He tried and eventually failed all his medication protocols over a course of 16 years. While recovering from his second surgical resection, he realized standard medical care was no longer an option for him. Ali returned to his nutrition science roots to research many impactful, yet misunderstood, aspects of diet and IBD. This led him to adopt SCD as his primary course of therapy. He is now living symptom-free and medicine-free for the first time in over three decades. 

Along the way, Ali has uncovered key scientific insights explaining how SCD halts disease progression and elicits deep remission. He created Modulla Health to help other patients find lasting relief and an improved quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle interventions.