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Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCDROCKS Conference

Who should attend 

  • Followers of SCD
  • Caregivers of people on SCD
  • Proponents of SCD including healthcare professionals
  • People suffering from a diagnosed or undiagnosed GI condition who are seeking a treatment that works
  • Parents of children with GI conditions and/or Autism
  • Others interested in learning about SCD and why it works, for themselves, for a loved one, or for professional reasons.

What to expect?

The two-day SCDROCKS Conference is a forum for learning and exchanging information about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ (SCD™) with others following the diet, those supporting people on the diet, healthcare professionals who prescribe SCD to their patients, and scientists and clinicians who are advancing research on SCD. Numerous national clinical studies are being conducted to learn more about why SCD works. We’ll present the absolute newest findings at SCDROCKS.

Here’s what you can expect when you attend this important event:

The Conference Program

  • Presentations on the latest scientific findings about SCD from prominent experts in the fields of pediatric gastroenterology, adult gastroenterology and nutrition. 
  • Presentations by physicians who prescribe SCD for their patients
  • Presentations providing practical advice for following SCD and supporting those on SCD; topics to include meal preparation, emotional support, talking to your doctor
    The opportunity to ask your questions of the experts and SCDers in attendance, in interactive Q&A sessions and informal social time
    The chance to meet veteran and newbie SCD followers and hear their stories
    Exhibits by vendors of SCD legal foods and related items, many of whom provide free samples and discount cards
  • Advice from SCD vendors about how to start your own SCD-related business
  • Access to video footage of conference highlights following the event.